Sikhism has been present in Canada for over a century

Sikhism is a religion that originated in the Punjab region of India in the 15th century. Today, there are millions of Sikhs around the world, and Canada is home to one of the largest Sikh populations outside of India.

Sikhism has been present in Canada for over a century, with the first Sikh immigrants arriving in British Columbia in the late 1800s. Despite facing discrimination and racism, Sikhs have contributed to Canadian society in a variety of ways, including in the fields of business, politics, and sports.

One of the most notable contributions of Sikhs in Canada is their involvement in the military. During World War I and II, Sikh soldiers fought alongside Canadian troops and were awarded numerous medals for their bravery. Today, Sikhs continue to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces, with the right to wear turbans and maintain uncut hair as part of their religious beliefs.

Sikhs have also made significant contributions to Canadian politics, with several Sikh Canadians serving as Members of Parliament and Senators. In 2019, Jagmeet Singh became the first person of color to lead a major federal political party in Canada, as the leader of the New Democratic Party.

In addition to their contributions to Canadian society, Sikhs have also established a strong presence in Canadian culture. Punjabi music and dance are popular in Canada, and traditional clothing such as the turban and the Punjabi suit can often be seen on the streets of major cities.

Sikhism in Canada is celebrated through festivals such as Vaisakhi, which is recognized as a public holiday in several Canadian provinces. The annual Nagar Kirtan parade, which takes place during Vaisakhi, is one of the largest religious processions in Canada, attracting thousands of participants and spectators.

In conclusion, Sikhism has played an important role in shaping Canadian society and culture. Sikh Canadians have made significant contributions to various fields and continue to be an integral part of the Canadian fabric.